Notfunkverkehr bez. Hurrikan "Matthew" - Dominikanische Republic, Kuba, Haiti, Jamaica

  • 02.10.16, 12:04
  • Willi Kraml, OE1WKL
  •   Notfunk Alle Verbände OE1 ÖVSV Dachverband

Bitte unbedingt die Notfunkfrequenzen freihalten!

American Hurricane Watch Net: 14.325 kHz tagsüber, und 7.268 kHz

Cuba: tagsüber vprwiegend  7.110 kHz, weiters auch 7.120 kHz, eventuell auch 7.045 kHz, 7.080 kHz und möglicherweise auch andere. Nachts vorwiegend 3.740 kHz , und zusätzlich 3.720 kHz.

Dominikanische Republik: 7.065 kHz.

Greg, , G0DUB, IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator, informiert:

a very busy time for emergency communications elsewhere in the world.
Hurricane Matthew is currently crossing the Caribbean heading towards
Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba. shows the
storms predicted path.

The American Hurricane Watch Net is planning to operate 14.325 MHz by
day and 7.268 MHz as the storm passes through their area of interest. I
have asked Arnie Coro CO2KK what the plans were for Cuba and his
response was;

"Hola Greg:

Our National Emergency Net to operate on

daytime primary 7110, secondary 7120, also on lower frequencies we will
have provincial nets on 7045, 7080 and possibly other frequencies.

Night time primary 3740 , secondary 3720

Notice I use typical aviation HF terminology to define frequencies, as
it is very understandable for all practical effects.

Stations in the provinces that use the CO8 prefix and the CO7 prefix are
the ones so far in the area of possible landfall... We expect very heavy
seas, coastal flooding, and very heavy rainfall in all eastern Cuba ,
and especially in the mountain regions. Already volunteer operators are
moving to specific locations that we known from past storms that become
isolated due to rivers overflowing , roads interrupted etc.

Will keep in touch... the present situation is very worrisome due to the
huge storm that is very powerful Category 4 and is also of a very large
diameter, covering a huge area to each side of the hurricane force winds...

Please relay this to Cesar Pio Santos and to IARU Region II... I do not
know for how long we will have Internet connection if the storm moves
further to the west...

best regards

Arnie Coro

Prof. Arnaldo Coro Antich

Emergency Coordinator IARU Region II Area C

Our main emergency station is CO9DCN at the Cuban National Civil Defense
Headquarters in Havana, under the supervision of CO2JC Doctor Carlos
Alberto SantaMaria, and will be operational all along the event and the
expected recovery phase "

Any further information will be posted as it is received. A summary will
be posted to the website soon.

Greg, G0DUB
IARU Region 1 Emergency Communications Co-Ordinator